Vatican Splendors - A Journey Through Faith and ArtExperience 2,000 Years of Vatican Art and History

Educator Guides to the Vatican Splendors Exhibit

Public school educator resources:

An educator’s activity guide is available, with activities relating to social studies, mathematics, geography, history and other subject matter.  Activities, concepts and vocabulary are coded to related National Science Standards and National Social Studies Standards. Both advocate inquiry into objects and the use of primary sources such as maps, diaries, letters, paintings, sculpture and clothing as a means toward understanding an institution like the Vatican and its influence on the scientific, political, social and cultural aspects of the Roman Empire and the world. Relevant background information is provided throughout, along with additional resources such as books, websites and videos. Download the Educator's Activity Guide.

Religious education resources from Vatican Splendors:

A separate religious education guide designed for kids grades 4-12 and adults is also available. The lesson plans provided in this resource are for use in parish religious education programs and religion classes in Catholic schools. There is also a lesson for adults, which can be used in parish sessions, teacher in-services, small faith communities and numerous other settings. The topics are not exhaustive, but hopefully will inspire visits to the exhibition to take on new and deeper meaning as a result of faith formation discussion. Download the Religious Education Guide.