Vatican Splendors - A Journey through Faith and ArtExperience 2,000 Years of Vatican Art and History
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Votive Plaque from Saint Peter's TombExplore the Splendor

Vatican art, history, culture and religion are presented through extraordinary works by masters including Michelangelo, Bernini, Parmigianino and Guercino, and objects dating back to the first century. From the venerated relics (bone fragments) of Saint Peter and Saint Paul to Michelangelo's art and tools used in work on the Sistine Chapel, this exhibit comprises one of the largest Vatican collections ever to tour North America. Many items have never before been on public view. Learn More View Exhibit Photo Gallery

About the Vatican The Vatican is an independent state located inside the city of Rome covering an area of 0.17 square miles. It is the home of Pope Benedict XVI, the current head of the Catholic Church worldwide. The Roman Pontiff, who resides at the Vatican, as the successor of Peter, is the perpetual and visible principle and foundation of unity of both the bishops and of the faithful. Learn more about the Vatican

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